Classy Dot Mandala Earrings




My jewels love the light and sun, they aren't however a fan of cameras or devices. Capturing the true colors, iridescence and sparkle through the devices eyes is quite tricky. You'll be amazed at how brilliant the colors and sparkles are when you see my creations in person!🤩

These classy dot mandala earrings are beautiful.  There colors are rich with a magical sparkle that shines like diamonds in the sun. The deep colors make them perfect for everyday wear. 

  • Size is 1.5 inches long by 0.75 of an inch wide
  • Black earwires are a modern metal called niobium which is lead free, nickel free and addictive free. It won't fade or tarnish and is often used in medical implants. Niobium is one of the safest metals to wear and is a great option for people with metal allergies and sensitivities 

A BIG shout-out and thanks to R. Javier for designing this beautiful dot mandala. Your colorful art is brilliant! 



This item is made to order and has an approximate production time of 7 to 10 days. It will be shipped via USPS Standard shipping, which usually arrives in 3 to 5 days. If you choose a different shipping method other than free, those shipping times will vary according to USPS terms. International orders can vary depending on customs and where the order is being shipped, it could take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive. Orders placed during the busy holiday season can expect delays.



I recommend storing your resin jewelry either hanging or laying flat and preferably away from other pieces of jewelry. Resin while hard like glass, can scratch if not taken care of. It is best stored away from direct sunlight, and away from extreme heat. Storing your jewelry properly will keep the colors vibrant and the surface looking like glass, so that you can enjoy your jewels for a long time.  

Resin jewelry can be cleaned with a dry soft cloth or polishing cloth. For jewelry that needs a little extra TLC, dish soap and warm water does the trick. When cleaning inlay jewelry that has metal components, please try to avoid rubbing or scrubbing the metal areas, as metals other than titanium, stainless steel or niobium may have coatings that could rub off.