Fairy Hair Sparkles are a fine shimmery tinsel that comes in a wide range of colors. I hand tie each sparkle to a single strand of hair with my pixie hook. You can treat your fairy hair just like real hair, you can color it, curl it, flat iron it, wash and dry it, brush it, cut it and even heat treat it with high temps ranging from 375 to 410 degrees. Your sparkle will last as long as that one strand of hair stays on your head, it could last for a day, days, weeks or even months. 

 Each strand is only $3.00

If you enjoy 10 or more strands, you are gifted free handmade earrings

You can find me at the Windmill Craft and Farm Market in Penn Yann every Saturday from the last Saturday in April till the last Saturday in November from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (as well as some random holidays). For more details on the market, tap this link.  The Windmill is typically first come first serve, which can lead to some long wait list times, I can however reserve a time for you if you schedule an appointment ahead of time. To reserve your spot now, message me here.

If you'd love to have some sparkles but would prefer a private appointment, I'd be happy to deliver my sparkles to you or you can come to me. 
Book your appointment here.