Creating art jewels that you don't see everyday... is my mission

Making jewels that are safe for you to wear... is my passion

Sourcing nontraditional materials so that I can keep my jewels at an amazing price point for you... is my vision 

❤ Brightening your days with jewels... is why I do what I do ❤ 


Asheville North Carolina


828 Jewels came to life in 2015 in the magical mountains of Asheville, North Carolina... area code 828. My beautiful sister Karin gave me a broken wood leaf earring and asked me to create something from it. That broken leaf opened the flood gates of imagination as I searched for ideas on YouTube. After many trials and tribulations, I created my first autumn leaves collection using epoxy resin and mixed media. Today... epoxy and UV resin are my main mediums. I mix color, sparkle and light to create unique eye-catching jewelry, that is both lightweight & hypoallergenic.

Seeing people from all walks of life light up when they see my jewels, inspires me to keep trying new things. And meeting many people with metal allergies keeps me striving to find more and more hypoallergenic materials, so that even the people with severe allergies can enjoy my jewels too. 

If you love lightweight jewels that are colorful and sparkly... my creations are right up your alley. And if you or your loved ones have metal allergies or sensitivities... my jewels are a blessing ❤ 

I'm grateful to be on this jewels journey with you and I very much look forward to brightening your days!